The Colorado Donations and Volunteer Management Network (CDVMN) and Colorado Donations and Volunteer Management Network (CDVMN) is the public's entryway into the Colorado Donations and Volunteer Management Network (CDVMN). This web site address is easy to remember and can be used by both the public and private sector to access the information and resources necerssary to help communities affected by disasters.


The Colorado Donations and Volunteer Management Network (CDVMN)

CDVMN is a network designed to facilitate the coordination of donations and volunteers following a disaster. The CDVMN is comprised of potential donors, recipient agencies, and government emergency management. Donors may include businesses, organizations, and private citizens. Recipient agencies may include national relief agencies, non-profits, community groups, civic organizations, and faith-based groups.


CDVMN aims to help recipient agencies increase their effectiveness in the provision of disaster response services by assisting them in accessing needed resources in a timely manner. CDVMN utilizes web-based tools to link togehter donors, recipient agencies and emergency management. The CDVMN Portal (aka ‘Aidmatrix’) enables CDVMN to efficiently and effectively match donated goods, services, and volunteers to relief groups (recipient agencies) in need of resources following a disaster.


If your organization anticipates providing in-kind donations, volunteers or other contributions to individuals and communities impacted by disasters in the State of Colorado, please consider applying to the CDVMN as a recipient agency. Membership to CDVMN, access to the web-based tool, and basic training on the tool is FREE to your agency! For more information on CDVMN, please see our resources page.